Introducing DICE.GAME, the first real-time DeFi game on Fantom

  • Initial mint is 50 million DICE tokens to satisfy initial liquidity, audit, marketing and other development costs.
  • DICE token does not have infinite inflation — the hard cap (maximum total supply) is 1 billion DICE tokens.
  • Starting price of DICE will be 1 FTM = 100 DICE ~ I DICE = 0.01 FTM
  • SECURE AND VERIFIABLE: Because users can carry out transactions on a decentralized, transparent infrastructure, every single transaction on the platform can be examined by the user independently for validation.
  • TRANSPARENT: Dice Game eliminates the need for centralized third parties to verify gaming processes, withdrawals or even exchanges as players are afforded the opportunity to prove the fairness of the game by means of randomly created seeds and hashes — by using the Fantom blockchain.
  • PROVABLY FAIR: Our platform encompasses mechanisms that will serve to remove third party trust elements from transactions. Decentralized networks ensure that the players own products that are obtained in the game and no-one can play the role of middleman.
  • DECENTRALIZED FUTURE: The platform is built for and deployed on the fastest, and secure Fantom blockchain and will be made to enable cross-chain compatibility in the future. This will attract users across various blockchain platforms easily.



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Dice Game

Dice Game


Building a blockchain interface for all your favorite dice games on Fantom. 1st game will be released on June 1. For updates